Emerson Bastos, MRSS T,

Constellation Facilitator (CSC)
Post-Graduation Gestalt Psychotherapy
Registered Shiatsu Practitioner

is a registered Shiatsu Practitioner and Teacher and Constellations Facilitator trained at the CSC. He gained a degree in Physical Education when he was still living in Brazil, his birth place. Since 1987 he has been living in London. His experience with constellation work started in 2004. His main interest is in finding, the source, the ‘cause’. ‘Where the energy is not flowing’, ‘where the stuckness is’ and support the possibility for its release. He has combined the constellation approach with the five elements theory from Oriental Medicine and has been running Five Elements Constellation workshops since 2011, both in the UK and abroad. He has Post-Graduation Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy and is registered with BACP

I offer group and individual sessions for constellation work and individual sessions for shiatsu or counselling in London (N7). It is also possible to have individual constellation or counselling sessions via video calls.

If you wish to organise an individual session or for further information please contact me either by phone, 07952 501551 or email info@emersonbastos.co.uk. 


020 7609 1561
07952 501551